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Neo Afrique Sans | Modern Art Deco

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Introducing Neo Afrique Sans: Embrace the Future with a Touch of Elegance

Discover Neo Afrique Sans, a captivating neo-futuristic typeface infused with modern decorative elements. This remarkable font emerged from the evolution and refinement of the original Durango Sans, developed some time ago.

At its core, Neo Afrique remains true to its predecessor, driven by the fusion of two distinct aesthetics. First, the sleek and geometric neo-futuristic style, reminiscent of the iconic Blade Runner movie. Second, the graceful and flourishing decorative forms inspired by the timeless art nouveau and the later lubalinesque aesthetics.

Neo Afrique Sans boasts a plethora of remarkable features, making it a font of endless possibilities. Explore alternate characters, stylish arrows, meticulously crafted ligatures, and a variety of numeral types for your design needs. With extended language support, you can now effortlessly communicate your message across borders.

Choose from four distinctive styles to suit your project's tone:

  1. Light: For an airy and delicate touch.
  2. Book: The perfect balance between light and bold.
  3. Medium: A versatile choice for a strong, yet refined impact.
  4. Bold: Make a bold statement with this powerful style.

Unlock the true potential of Neo Afrique with its exceptional Open Type Features:

  • Up to 5 Stylistic Alternates per glyph, unleashing your creativity.
  • Uppercase and lowercase Normal & Tabular Numerals for seamless numerical representation.
  • Special use circled numerals, adding a unique flair to your designs.
  • Fractions and Numerators/Denominators, ensuring precision in your typographical creations.
  • Alternate Symbols to elevate your visual language.
  • Arrows that guide your audience's gaze.

Embrace Neo Afrique Sans's extensive Latin and Cyrillic character support,

catering to various writing systems:

Latin Character Support:

  • Basic Latin Characters
  • Western European Characters
  • Central European Characters
  • South Eastern European Characters

Cyrillic Character Support:

  • Basic Cyrillic Characters
  • Bulgarian Cyrillic Characters
  • Bulgarian Italic Cyrillic Characters
  • Historic Bulgarian Cyrillic Characters
  • Serbian Cyrillic Characters
  • Macedonian Cyrillic Characters
  • Serbian Italic Characters
  • Ukrainian Characters

Revolutionize your design projects with Neo Afrique Sans, where the future meets elegance. Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with this extraordinary typeface.

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